5 Things I’ve Learned Since My Last Birthday!

Today,  I turn 23 years old!  Life seems to be moving at a quicker pace and so much is happening.  I decided to compile a list of lessons I learned this year that I want to remember later down the road.  I guess this is a little bit more of a diary entry than anything else but I would still like to share it with all of you!

1. Patience is a virtue that needs constant practice.

Living in the “I want it now” generation, I would find myself freaking out about things not happening quick enough, especially in my music career.  Learning to be patient is something I always knew was important, but I never considered it a practice.  Instead of spending all of my energy and emotions on being impatient and demanding, I have learned to focus my energy on productivity because there is always something I can work on.

2. We are all in this together.

Learning to have compassion for others, even my “enemies,” is always a hard lesson to learn because we expect everyone to think like we do and to treat us like we treat them. But I’ve learned that we all have battles and when we choose to see someone past their initial actions and a surface impression, we can forgive a lot easier.  We are in this life together and in my opinion we should work to help each other grow and support each other. I realized this year that I have been so wrapped up in my own life and problems I completely missed what close friends and family were going through. Although they say your 20’s are the years you’re allowed to be selfish and focus on yourself, I personally don’t want to forget that there are people out there that need a smile or even a few words of encouragement in their life.

3. Growing pains are good pains.

Our bodies go through growing pains as our bones begin to enlarge and when we work out, our muscles suffer from micro-tears in order to grow larger and stronger.  At the top of 2014, I was dealing with so much stress because of multiple difficult situations going on in my life at the same time.  I thought I was going to break at various points but each time I stuck it through and remained grateful for the people and love in my life, I could feel my spirit growing stronger. I learned to accept pain in my life because we grow the most when faced with adversity.

4. Comfort zones.

“Comfort zones are a great place to live, but nothing ever grows there” is a quote I have learned to love.  By opening up and trying new things, it expands my comfort zone and causes me to grow.  I am still learning to enjoy the feeling of uncomfortable but I can already feel myself growing in ways I never thought possible previously.

5. Faith.

The overarching theme throughout these 5 lessons is faith. I am not religious by any means. I don’t go to church or any other house of worship but I have taken much of this year to focus on my spirit.  We are in the age of having access to information at the click of a mouse, so often I find myself uneasy at not being able to predict my future. This is where faith comes in. I have learned this year that everything is “all good.”  No matter how dark or how hard it gets, we will always cycle back to the good.  Having faith that the cycle of light and dark times in our lives is probably the greatest lesson I have learned thus far and has put my mind at ease.IMG_8967


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  1. Faith and forgiveness are the key….faith in the light that will always shine through the darkness and with forgiveness you can lighten your load of the judgments that can drag you down

  2. okay, just a quick comment: it is NOT “all downhill” from 23. i was married at 23, so i know what you mean, but that was only my first marriage (of three) and there was a lot of learning still left for me–and for you. honestly, i didn’t really slow down until i retired at 62. and even then i wouldn’t say it was “downhill” until things started to pile up some. so, at 71, yeah, it’s probably headed downhill now, but i thought that before–at 50 and again at 62 and now at 71 maybe the ride downhill will be smooth and easy (going downhill is easier that pushing uphill, right?).

  3. Happy Birthday Amy! Hope you had a wonderful day. Enjoyed your entry and the views you expressed. Seems like you’re growing into quite a woman. lol

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