An artist’s bio is generally a well-thought-out compilation of their greatest accomplishments written in the third person, as though a team of people are working on behalf of the artist.  Typically, a standard bio makes an artist’s small accomplishments sound bigger than they are. This might make it seem like they are at a place in their career that they really are not. So, instead of stressing about how to make myself sound more accomplished than I am, I’ve opted to write an autobiography so I can better express my journey in a more authentic way.

If you’ve been following my career, then you may have noticed that I’ve taken a hiatus from promoting myself online. I had become exhausted from trying to make it look like I’m doing something with my music while being unable to actually produce anything of substance. In fact, I realized I had spent so much energy promoting myself online, it was taking my focus away from actually creating a quality product. Looking back, I can see now I was just a hamster on a wheel, cycling through the same experiences, doing the same things over and over again but getting nowhere fast. I was too busy trying to get somewhere, not realizing I had no direction. So I took a step back from all of it. I decided to just work on my craft, soul search and find myself.

Why music?  Because music is freedom.  Music is soul. Music is connection. Music is love. Music is hard to define and intangible but we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it exists. Music brings people together.  Music has the power to free us from ourselves and serve as a vessel to the present moment. Through music I am able to find my authentic self and I cannot wait to share my renewed love and passion for music.