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Audrey and I “met” on Facebook. Not so odd these days to interact with people online that you may never meet in person.  I soon found out that Audrey is an artist and one day she messaged me to ask if I thought a gig overseas that she was thinking about doing was a legitimate opportunity.  A few months later she asked me if I would be interested in taking classes once a week with a focus on performance training for singers. What I found out about the Ultimate Entertainer Workshop is that Audrey was looking for this type of performance training for herself and couldn’t find anything like it in San Diego. So what does she do? She created a program herself and offers it to all kinds of artists. (Click for more information about the Ultimate Entertainer Workshop).

Another example of Audrey finding an opportunity to create something that she feels is missing, are T-shirts with positive messages on them.  This is what she wrote on her blog about why she created the Spirit Warrior Shop:

…rewind to 2 years ago, I was shopping in a Forever 21. I came across this rack of tshirts and was browsing through them. They all had messages like “you can’t sit with us,” “my boyfriend is hotter than yours,”  “material girl,” etc. As I was giving up hope on finding anything of worth on that rack, I saw one single shirt. The only one of its kind hidden amongst the others and on it read the words: “Think Positive.” I bought it immediately, proudly wore it the next day and through a circumstance realized how powerful this shirt actually was.
Since then I’ve seen lots of shirts pop up that say positive things, but they are a bit “fluffy” for my taste. Things like “dreamer” or “shoot for the stars.” This is a vast improvement from what I WAS seeing and a great movement, but they didn’t quite do it for me personally. So as with the other businesses I started, I created the Spirit Warrior Shop out of a personal need that I believe others can benefit from too.
Check out Audrey’s clothing line here.
When I met Audrey in person, the first thing I noticed was her immediate warmth and genuine happiness to meet me in person.  That is just who Audrey is… warm and welcoming! What I love most about Audrey is the positive and inspirational messages that she expresses through her music! Like in most industries, competition is fierce and it is easy to get lost in insecurity and comparison which is why I find Audrey so inspirational. Not only is she an inspiration because of her desire to be an entrepreneur and acts upon it, but the fact that she is creating a web of artists who genuinely support and love each other.  I am so proud of Audrey and all that she has accomplished and I haven’t even known her that long! Audrey is a beautiful powerhouse, a woman of action and I am so grateful she is in my life!
If you would like to hear Audrey’s latest single “Better Me For Me” you can buy it on iTunes here.


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