My Family and Why I’m So Grateful

I don’t think I talk too much about my family on social media, except maybe funny stories or to express some gratitude.  I decided that since it’s the month of November and we are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few weeks, I want to spell out the exact reasons why I am thankful for my family.

1466293_10154581855320106_1919786056992898933_nMy favorite little sister, Bri is my opposite. We definitely have clashing personalities. I let things roll off my back, she takes everything in. Brianna is my baby sister but she is also becoming my best friend.  I think we are finally getting to the point where we can relate to each other… even though it’s weird and we would much rather fight about clothes just to annoy my mom. Brianna is so witty and quick on her feet, it pushes me to be on top of my come-back game but most of the time she knows how to shut me up.  Not only is Brianna a smart-aleck… she is in college and doing well. Taking 19 units her first semester, (she beat me by one unit), she has just grown so much in just a few months. I will ALWAYS be her loud, annoying big sister at all of her dance shows because she is a fantastic dancer.  I cannot wait to see her journey with dance continue and move forward in whatever direction it may take her! Seeing Brianna’s passion on stage, fuels my passion for music and I am so grateful to have a little sister like her. (Check out Bri’s YouTube Channel here)

18471_101331869899194_5524967_nAshley, my favorite big sister, is a lot like Brianna.  Very strong but she is also so generous.  Her philosophy when it comes to giving is to give without expectation of receiving.  She doesn’t make a big deal about it, she just gives.  Even though she doesn’t live at home, I am inspired by her generosity and by her independence.  If she is presented with a challenge, she faces it head on, she doesn’t cower or get emotional. She evaluates the issue and finds a solution.  Whenever I can’t make a decision because of all the “grey area,” Ashley finds a way to make it black and white.  Ash always finds the bottom-line and I admire her for it.  She is a successful business woman and always reminds me of good business practices. When Ashley wants something, she always finds a way to get it. Ashley is a GREAT personal trainer and helps motivate so many people to reach their goals and change their lives.  I am grateful for this woman because she sets an awesome example of what an independent woman is.  She constantly pushes me (without knowing) to be better than I was yesterday. (Check out Ashley’s website here)

Bryan, (yes, I have a big brother), is also a huge inspiration to me.  He has travelled the world and is able to see his world differently because of it.  He always reminds me of the bigger picture whenever I come crying to him about something not going my way.  Bryan has always taught me to not take my family for granted and remember that life will keep moving.  He is a “web-design god” although he’ll probably smack me later for referring to him as a god…. but he is so talented at creating websites and interactive media. I wish I could tell you more about what he does, but it’s like a whole different language. Bryan is protective like a big brother of three sisters should be and I know I can always talk to him about what’s going on with me. He can be shy at times, but yet so goofy when you know him.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of weirdo pictures I have of him that he would never let me post on social media. All in all, Bryan is generous with his advice, his time and his effort with the people he loves and I am so thankful he is my big bro! (Check out Bryan’s website here)

Scan 3Leo (a.k.a. Dad)
My dad. Oh lordy, what do I say about this man.  He is one of the hardest working men I know. He just started back at work this week after having bypass heart surgery earlier this year.  I am so incredibly grateful that he wants to continue to provide for us.  Not only is my dad hardworking, but he shows his love by doing things for us such as, cooking meals for the family and just being a goofball.  I think all of his kids have a different relationship with him. But his hard work and sacrifice will always be a driving force for me in pursuing my dreams.  I am so proud that he fought for his life this year and I am so thankful that he did.  I still need him and still have many more years I want to spend with him. Love you Dad!

Nancy (a.k.a. Mom)
If you know my mother, you know she is super generous and caring.  My mom is the one that takes the trip with me to Los Angeles for late night sessions so she can drive us safely home the same night because she knows if I drive home myself, I’ll fall asleep at the wheel.  She is passionate about her kids and their dreams and I am so thankful for the person that she is. My mom is an independent thinker.  She doesn’t let anyone sway her way of thinking… you could call it stubborn, but I think all her kids inherited that trait so we’ll use the euphemism and call it independence ;). One thing about my mom that I Scan 2appreciate the most, even though I don’t show it right away, is the fact that she is honest. She doesn’t think just because I’m her child that I “walk on water” and therefore, she doesn’t blindly support my choices or decisions. My mom will tell me when I am wrong or present me with alternative possibilities.  She deserves so much more than she has right now, and one day I plan on giving back what she’s given to me. She’s not just my number one fan, she’s my best friend!Love you Mom!


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