Singing the National Anthem

I have been asked to sing the Star-Spangled Banner a few different times. Because of how critical people have been about vocalists in the past who did not perform our national anthem to a high standard,  it is terrifying for me and I always feel a sense of panic before I perform it.  So here’s kind of a funny story…there was one time I sang our national anthem. It was probably the third time I had sang it in public. I rehearsed it over and over, practiced performing it for my mom on a microphone and had absolutely NO problems with it. So naturally I was feeling somewhat confident when I stepped in front of the audience… I get to the end of the song and I flub the lyrics. Not toooooo noticeably (I hope) but you can see in the video I react with a “crap-I-sang-the-wrong-words” look on my face. Suffice it to say, that is probably a small part of why I didn’t post the video, but mostly not having access to a copy of the video made it hard to share it with everyone.

Okay, so what does this have to do with me singing the National Anthem at Fluxx Nightclub in downtown San Diego? Because…I DIDN’T MESS UP THE LYRICS!!! YAY! And I got a video of it, granted my face is washed out but the goal wasn’t to be entertaining anyway.The goal was to sing the national anthem well and with pride. I hope I did the song justice, check out the video below!

Thank you to the Fluxx staff and Rudy Silva for having me perform before the fights began!  The crowd was lively and gave me lots of energy!

p.s. it’s okay to laugh at me tripping coming off the stage. #SoGraceful



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